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Anyta Thomas has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication and an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. In 1995, she became a wire mesh sculptor. She developed her own set of tools in order to define the style she is known for today. She has been a professional mesh sculptress since 2006, selling works nationally through established galleries, professional art conferences, private commissions and numerous art exhibits. She has been featured on TV, radio, in newspaper articles and online sites. She is an artist, a wife and a mother, still, she finds time to be an author. A T Burwell (author) is Anyta Thomas redefined. As a creative soul, her focus is not only to create art with a story, but to create lasting memories of family and ancestry through literature. You can find her children's book "HEY! I'M A BIG GIRL NOW! (2016)" on and You can find her art journals “When Mesh Imitates Life (2011)” and “When Mesh Life Evolves (2017)” on You can also find "Journey of a Masterpiece: A Memoir of Art, Life, and Creative Parenting (2019)" and "BROKEN: A Collection of Social Poetry (2020)" on

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