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THANK YOU to all of my art appreciators.

Your words are both moving and inspirational.

Hello Anyta,

Thank you so much for the prompt reply I really appreciate it--- I am from Pakistan but live in the United Arab Emirates with my husband--I'm visiting the States as our children are here---I have a
daughter and a son---my daughter is married and lives here with her husband and 2 children and my son just graduated. I came here for my daughter's delivery, she just had her second baby a beautiful baby girl! I love watching HGTV and DIY networks they have wonderful arts and crafts progs. so the other day when I watched your segment I was totally amazed--it was just sooooooo wonderful, turning mesh into a thing of beauty'. my daughter was also watching and we were like OH MY GOD! its so wonderful---and the colors you used looked just beautiful. I totally understand about not revealing your secrets, but I' ll be grateful to you if you would please please send me a copy of the HGTV TAPING. I visited your website and saw all the other sculptures they were all AWESOME! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
            -Best Regards, Nasreen


Greetings. Nice to hear from you. I pray that you and yours are well. I took your lovely piece to my home in New Orleans and still love it immensely!
            -Best, Dyana – Philadelphia radio personality


God has blessed Anyta with skill and vision and the borderless future of the young artist. I do indeed look forward to her future exhibitions, both at the boutique cultural outlets and the more public venues like the Philadelphia Museum of Art for which she is clearly destined.
            -Joel Avery, Principal,

Dear Ms. Thomas,
I saw you create your beauty on "That's Clever". I am so impressed with your artistry. Where can I purchase something? Is your Blown Away available? That is the one I saw you make. You were truly a joy to watch. Thank you for your time.
           - Lucinda Badillo

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