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BROKEN: A Collection of Social Poetry

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

ABOUT THE BOOK: In a dark room in the back of my mind stands a file cabinet. Each drawer is filled with thoughts, stories and poetry that are labeled ‘Unfinished Works’. ‘BROKEN’ is a collection of some of those extracted thoughts and stories told through poetry. Bits and pieces of my human experience that sat to decay, are now written, sorted and assembled into an imaginative body of complete works. My purpose behind this book is to share my creative, physical and spiritual journey with my daughter and future kin. An added bonus, is that I am able to share these writings with others who may appreciate them.

The title ‘BROKEN’ reflects my sentiments on what I feel is broken. I say to myself, “What isn't BROKEN?” There are Broken Hearts, Broken Homes, Broken Systems, Broken Spirits, Broken Promises, Broken Chains, Broken Bones from violence, Humanity... is Broken, but not dead. My hope is that ‘BROKEN’ inspires you to acknowledge the ‘Light’ within; to appreciate the ‘Earth’ beneath our feet; to elevate the good in ‘Humanity’, and to leave behind a ‘Legacy’ rooted in courage, preparedness, love, empathy, persistence, resilience, and sustainable living.

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