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GHOST STORIES: Tall Tales of Spiritual Encounters

This cute but haunting, family centered book is a collection of 11 ghost story shorts that expand on the 'What if' experiences of Life and the Supernatural. The book closes with real stories of death's impression on the living. My intention with this book is 1) to lightly promote discussion of living beyond the physical form, 2) to provoke the thought of consciousness as a life force that doesn't die and 3) to encourage that happy feeling of knowing our loved ones live on through our experiences and watch over us from another realm. My hope is that death is viewed, by young minds especially, less as disconnected from our continued life journey, and more as a motivator to cherish your physical time here. Through this project, I HAVE EMERGED MORE AWARE OF THE MANY MOVING PIECES IN LIFE'S TIMELINE.

Death, whether it is expected, unexpected, peaceful, tormenting or unresolved, will leave an impression on you. Staying conscious of its inevitability is the key to living and continuing your life journey.


About the Book

I believe we, as a collected consciousness of the universe, come into existence connected by love and innate knowledge. But, by some experimental design, the “collected” was given permission to separate and discover the concept of “purpose”. In that journey toward awareness & the search for purpose, a consciousness becomes a soul.

As unique souls born to earth, we each gain the opportunity to experience life in both a physical and spiritual form, therefore allowing each soul to maximize its full potential. Whether a soul achieves, doubts, fails, or rejects the goal of maximizing its full potential, one constant undeniability remains. That constant is the thirst for connection. To find connections outside of self is written into our coding as human beings. Coping with a severed connection is one of our biggest challenges.

We are conscious beings trying to navigate and find our individual place, in a world that reduces our physical appeal and active abilities, to a commodity. This world’s commercialized script assigns each of us a role the moment we are born. That role becomes more defined and shaped, (be it negatively or positively), by the experiences and power of the people who were here before us and those we are exposed to.

Consciousness or the soul alone, is an elevated level of life. I believe a soul is energy that can live beyond the body. The question is, once a soul has experienced living through a physical form (i.e. built an identity with its physical form and created connections with other physical beings) can it ever feel content with existing as a disembodied being again? This book “GHOST STORIES - Tall Tales of Spiritual Encounters” explores ideas. Each tale presents how the spiritual world might engage with the physical world; in order to convey a message, continue an interrupted journey, fulfill a purpose, initiate or maintain a connection.

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