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Hey! I'm A Big Girl Now!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

This book project was a way to commemorate my daughter's first independent, self-guided achievements like eating, drinking, walking and talking. Milestones that we as parents applaud, but then forget after that moment is over. Why? Because life keeps advancing forward without a moment to breathe. I remember watching her face light up as she realized she (did it) on her own. Each moment brought a joy to my heart that I have never experienced before. A joy that I wanted to have captured in the form of a book. I thought to myself that these moments are 'just as important' as her future first trophy and degree. THESE MOMENTS ARE THE ROOT OF BUILDING CONFIDENCE.

How wonderful would it be to have a series of personal achievement books, capturing the milestones she doesn't realize she has achieved - her own personal resource library of encouragement, with her as the main character. How powerful is that! That thought lead me to also incorporate the collection of stories I make up before bed, and adding to them life lessons about honesty, pride, bravery, resilience, persistence, patience, humanity and independence. The journey has begun. I have written many of stories that I can not wait to share. I am figuring out how I wish to approach the visual piece. Until that piece is resolved, these stories will remain tuck away in my back pocket :-) I am still proud that this book is the beginning of that journey.


How does my art relate to my books?

My focus is not only to create art with a story, but to create lasting memories of family and ancestry through literature. Part of achieving this goal is to launch a series of books for both children and parents that are inspired by my life experiences and the different roles I play. As a mother, one of my many challenges, is how to maintain the voice of encouragement. I found that I can do this with a collection of children's books! My children's book collection will focus on discovery, learning, emotional management and celebrating the littlest victories!

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