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JOURNEY OF A MASTERPIECE: A Memoir of Art, Life, and Creative Parenting

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

This book began as a project with somber roots. It started as another effort to heal from death and the emotional debris the experience leaves behind. I found it very hard to piece my life back together when my mother passed on. My thoughts were clouded, my direction was unclear, and the guiding hand of support disappeared. I made a promise to myself that if I had a child or children, I would not leave my child without a voice of encouragement or a guiding hand. This book serves as both. It took on a purpose bigger than I could have imagined. It became a tool for reflection, healing, inspiration and encouragement. Through this project, I HAVE EMERGED A BETTER PERSON, WHICH MAKES ME A BETTER PARENT, WIFE, FRIEND AND ARTIST.

Someone once said to me that I am too young to have a memoir. My thought is, why wait until I REALLY can't remember this half of my life? Then I thought, how many writers actually existed on earth, but passed on, before their drafts were ever discovered? How many memoirs, stories or poems lie hidden in a secret desk drawer, never to be found or appreciated? I would say more than ten. I look at this book as my half life memoir - an account of experiences along my 180 degree life path. I have a future goal to write another book that focused specifically on my journey as an artist (i.e. preparing for the art profession, venue experience vs the gallery experience, social media marketing, exposure to other creative minds, Co-launching Salon Joose Studios, Co-launching Joose Unleashed Podcast, etc.) And if the spirits bless me with the gift to see 95 or better yet 100, I will write my 360 degree life path conclusion and label it "Journey of a Masterpiece - The Gift of Life."


About the Book

The most treasured possession that each of us hold dear is our memory. It is the sponge that absorbs our colorful experiences, and links each experience to our emotions. Emotions drive our actions, which then become stories of survival and achievement. Experiences continue to grow and shape us, while memories begin to fade into a bottomless pit of grey scattered pictures. Journey of a Masterpiece captures a handful of these experiences before they fade.This book takes a look at my life, as a whole, to find what instances triggered or inspired the choices, which led me on the path I currently travel. Am I the same spirit I was born to be? Did I choose ‘Art’ or did it choose ‘Me’? How do these experiences factor into my style of parenting? Journey of a Masterpiece is my personal road map. It is a connection to my past, present and future. It is the root of future books to come. It is a source of reference for my daughter. As she begins to discover who she is along her path, she will begin to store her own collection of memories. Those memories will also contribute to her final masterpiece… independent success.

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